What is the relaxation granted in the Master Plan Delhi-2021?



  1. The variation of + / - 5% in Plot size may be disregarded as per provision contained in para 15.7.3. of the MPD.
  2. As per provisions contained in para 15.7.3. (v) of MPD-2021, the guest houses operating in plots abutting streets of prescribed minimum ROW in Special Area and in plots abutting Master Plan Roads and Zonal Plan Roads shall be permissible upto 100% of built up area and the limits regarding the size of the plot shall not apply. Provided that except in LBZ and Civil Line Bungalow Zone, Guest Houses that were operating validly under provisions of MPD prior to 7.9.2006 would continue to run to the extent as was permissible at that time.
  3. Parking @ 2.0 E.C.S. per 100 sqm. built up area shall be provided within the premises. Where this is not available, cost of development parking, shall be payable by the plot allottee / owner to the local body concerned, as per provisions contained in para 15.4.- other terms & condition No. (v) of MPD. The Parking charge varies from one category to another category.
  4. The Commercial activity existing prior to 1962 in residential areas and streets / stretches shall continue subject to documentary proof thereof, as per provision contained in para 15.3.1 of MPD-2021.

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